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> Story Driven Animation

At King Bee Entertainment - It's all about
THE STORY. We take the craft of storytelling just as seriously as the animation production itself. We believe in strong memorable characters audiences will instantly empathize with that have unique stories to tell.

> Original Themes

King Bee Entertainment are very conscious of developing animated properties with innovative concepts that will truly stand out in the crowds. Animation in many respects is still a relatively young industry and thus many new unexplored themes and types of shows are waiting to be made for all varieties of audiences. As the media avenues are ever expanding from TV to web to mobile and beyond - King Bee Entertainment are working logically and laterally to create highly original animated series with strategically marketed brands with large merchandising and long-term audience sustainability in mind.

> Prime Time Animation Series Production

King Bee Entertainment are passionate about Prime Time Animation. We are currently developing three animated properties for the Prime Time market including
'Soap City' an animated soap opera for the whole family that blends all the drama of prime time serials like The OC and Melrose Place with the quirky imagination & zany characters reminiscent of the Simpsons & classic Loony Tunes. For teenagers, students and the 20-30 year old market we are proud to be creating 'The Non Stop Cartoon Sketch Show' - A truly insane assortment of psychedelic surreal Monty-Python-esque humour featuring a wide variety of cartoon styles from quirky 2D and cut-out through to live action fused with 2D.

> Children's Animation Series Production

We have two interactive animated properties for childrens animation including
'Ivan & Sam' an educational animated children's cartoon that tackles cancer from a childs' perspective. Another highly interactive flash animated cartoon is 'Wheelie Wednesdays' - A show all about talking dust bins and dust carts that excites and inspires children to interact and get involved in recycling - The creators of the show are Georgia Labelda & Joanna Nathan.

> Work for Hire

King Bee Entertainment are fully available for work for hire animated series productions. We are highly skilled in all forms of digital animation production from CGI 3d through to Flash and are highly versatile in our approach and use of technologies. We are always interested in new animating new series productions, assisting in any stage of production from visual development through to post-production.

Feel Free to give us a buzz on
+ 44 (0) 845 601 6424 or email

King Bee are always pushing the boundaries with stylistic originality. We have even developed a unique web site completely dedicated to helping find any animation style you require:

> Partnerships

King Bee are actively involved in building strong overseas partnerships with production, distribution & merchandising companies. Feel free to get in touch if you think we can work together:

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